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Bud has been a Game Designer for over 3 years. He created his own boardgame and sold the rights before joining Wulven Studios, Vietnam as their Lead Game Designer. Check out his website for Game Design Tutorials, Classes and Articles.


Cursed Mech – Postponed

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Cursed Mech is postponed until further notice. We under estimated the amount of work it would require to make this a great game. I still firmly believe this is a great concept for a game that would be very fun and open ended enough to monetize extremely well. However I want to make sure next time we have adequate resources, talent and time to make it the best that it can be.

Here is the latest layout mock-up for the iOS


Currently we have a team of talented artists, programmers, musicians and sound engineers working on a smaller project. If you are interested in collaborating with us in the future please visit our “Collaborate with us” page.

JAGS is now accepting new collaboration affiliates

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Are you looking to join a team and make a fun profitable game? Ready to learn valuable industry experience and methodology to help you succeed in your game career?

Go here to learn more:

Free Facebook Cover – Show Your Support!

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Click on image to see full view. Then right click “Save As”. Then visit your profile page on facebook. Hover mouse over cover image and click “change cover”. Upload image and you are all set!

Thanks for supporting us!

Early renders of turrets players can build to defend their base.

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Kill monsters, earn coin, build turrets, kill more monsters, earn more coin, build more turrets. Happiness. :)

Early renders of “Axe Cursed Mech”

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Early renders of some of the monsters coming in “Cursed Mech”.

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Twin Stick Shooter + Tower Defense Mash Up!

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More early artwork for our twin stick shooter + tower defense mash up.

Find out more about the game here.

Defend Your Base!

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Defend Your Base is a mash up of 2 game genres. Think Smash Tv meets Tower Defense!

Use your giant axe wielding robot and powerful turrets to defend your base from swarms of enemies. Surviving each wave gives you more cash and experience to level up your weapons and place more turrets. But the swarms keep coming, how long can you last?

Early map

Defend Your Base Login Here

New Game In The Works

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JAGS is going full speed ahead with it’s awesome genre mash up. A game that combines the frantic fun action of twin stick shooter with survival strategy of tower defense! We’re not sure what to call this game yet, but it’s sure to be a blast!


Here is a early sneak peek at some of the art. Remember this is a work in progress!

Check out the ‘Defend Your Base’ page

Blazing New Rails Put On Hold

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Art is taking longer than anticipated for Blazing New Rails so we have switched gears and are working on a awesome new game. A game that combines the frantic fun action of a twin stick shooter (gun bros, smash tv) with the strategic awesome firepower and resource management of a tower defense game (bloons, desktop tower defense)! This genre mash up is sure to be a blast!

Now these really look like toy trains!

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Train Models

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Still searching for that elusive cute train at low poly! Obviously this is not a final texture, although wood toy train is kinda cool right?

Blazing New Rails for iOS

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More info coming soon